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Every week or so we will be featuring programs and people that we support and sponsor through the shops. Our Ambassadors represent a great cross section of people who instruct, compete and love life out on The Escarpment!


This week we are featuring local brothers and entrepreneurs Stefan and Erik Mortveit who own and operate Sterik’s Sports Development Inc. We have been supporting this community for a number of years and are proud to be involved with such an innovative team and event model. There are several operating arms for the program including Ski/Boarding Camps, Freestyle Events and a Mentorship program.

Sterik's Sport Development

Their mandate: Developing passion, not ego, with work ethic, grit, and determination. Structured on these principals, the STERIK'S community is built upon an unmatched love for freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Members of our community are well rounded athletes and outstanding members of society. We act as a unit, working together and pushing each other to reach our highest potential on and off snow, and strive to uplift and inspire all of those around us.

Stefan in his words:

Having started skiing at an early age of two, I have been an avid skier of all disciplines for 26 years. Starting out with a passion for ski racing, I progressed to the Ontario Provincial Ski Team - competing nationally at the FIS level. After this I took interest in exploring freestyle skiing and snowboarding elements, specifically jumps, rails, moguls, and glades. During this time I competed in the local freestyle skiing open competition circuit, and produced a series of ski and snowboard films alongside my brother Erik. For the past 8 years my greatest passion has turned to coaching, and helping young people achieve their highest potential on and off-snow.

Stefan Portrait

Erik in his words:

I was introduced to skiing at the early age of two. Since my brother Stefan had a three year head start on me, I spent most of my early ski days trying to keep up to him. At seven I began ski racing, progressing all the way to K2 Individual at Georgian Peaks Ski Club. During my second year of K2 racing, I began to dip my toes into freestyle skiing and snowboarding and was instantly hooked. Eventually my brother Stefan and I both decided to focus entirely on freestyle, and began creating ski and snowboard videos and attending all of the local open competitions. Lately, Stefan and I have been spending the majority of our on snow as mentors for young athletes, and ripping our way through uncharted territories at our local ski hills.

Erik Portrait

We can personally attest to how great The Strerik’s Freeride Showdown Series is. The kids have so much fun and they do an incredible job at celebrating all ages and ability levels. When they set up the course they have EVERYONE in mind making the day accessible for all athletes! There are still 2 more events on the roster: March 3 @ Craigleith Ski Club & Mar 17 @ Blue Mountain Resorts!

About the Freeride Showdown Series - INFO LINK HERE

The ultimate freeride jam, open to skiers and snowboarders, ages 8 and up. Whether you’re a confident all around shredder, or a specific discipline specialist; come join the session! Designed to showcase all facets of freeride culture in one enclosed environment; the x4 stop series will ultimately put your skills to the test. Our unique format and prizing categories provide a home to all styles of riders, but caters to no one!

Compete in various event challenges, or ride the park just for fun! Expect an exciting display of widely diverse talents, and on-hill expressions. Winners of the Riders Choice Awards, Battle Royals, and MC's Choice Awards take home $CASH$ and product prizes from STERIK'S, and our sponsors; The North Face, LINE, Full Tilt, RIDE, K2, and Squire John’s.

Sterik's Freeride Showdown Series


Skiing provided a way for Dean to bond with his family and enjoy Canadian winters! He is skiing on Salomon XDR 80TI + Z12 Walk with Salomon X-MAX 120 boots.

Dean Wright

I skied a bit in my teenage years and early 20’s, however it wasn’t until my mid 30’s that skiing took on a whole new dimension.  This shift coincided with the arrival of my 2 boys, who took to the snow quickly.  Skiing with them was a great and while they took lessons, my wife and I took some of our own.  As the boys progressed quickly, it went from them chasing me, to me desperately trying to catch them, what a blast!  Being on the snow gave us the opportunity to enjoy our amazing Canadian winters together as a family.  I can honestly say my best vacations have been ski trips with my family.

Dean Wright Two

When I was younger skiing was all about speed and while I still enjoy the sensation of moving down the slopes at speed, there is so much more to enjoy.  I love the feeling of making tight turns down a steep slope or floating over some fresh powder that no one else has tracked.  The thrill of navigating a mogul field and keeping your boots attached to your skis, while the quads bite and your lungs desperately search for more air, is a truly spectacular.  Skiing challenges me, it gives me a chance to see if I can put things together; mind and body as one.  Sometimes it comes together well and other times not so much, regardless it’s fun just trying.  I just can’t imagine a winter without skiing, it wouldn’t seem right.

THIS WEEK: Melody Murison

Melody Murison is an avid skier and instructor who skis out of Beaver Valley Ski Club! She is riding the Volkl Racetiger SC (165 cm) and wearing the Salomon XMax 120 ski boot.

In her words:

I began my ski career on a playground hill at the age of 8 sporting a pair of garage sale skis my Dad strapped to my boots with strips of rubber. From that moment on I was hooked. My family did not ski so I found rides to local ski areas (Snow Valley, Horseshoe and Medonte) with anyone who would take me. My equipment was always old and second hand but that never mattered once I was on the slopes. Racing down the hill, always going too fast and just on the edge of control, was exhilarating. I never wore a hat as they felt too confining and shut out the cool, crisp winter air I love. As a compromise, (after purposely losing every hat Mom had ever given me), I wore the headband she bought for me. It became old and faded, but was always felt as warm as the day she gave it to me.

Melody Family




















A friend who was an instructor encouraged me to start teaching and in 1985 I completed my CSIA Level I. I began instructing at Beaver Valley and Boler Mountain. I completed my CSIA Level II in 1987 and my Level I Coach through CSCF in 1991. I have been teaching at Beaver Valley almost continuously since 1985. Our children grew up skiing there. They embraced the sport and it became their passion as well. Two of our children also became ski instructors.

Melody Ski Action Shot


















I love that I am able to share my winter passion with others. When teaching, there is no greater joy than seeing my student ski towards me with a smile on their face. It is wonderful to be able to give people the opportunity to know how really incredible skiing is. Skiing gives me the gift of time with my family and friends and… it is my happy place.

Melody Toboganning