Bike Service

Bike Repair is open: 

Wednesday-Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-4pm

You can drop bike off in service Dept. anytime during operating hours. Only 2 people are allowed in the service department at one time. 

We will call you when your bike is ready for pick-up! 

If you have questions you can call the store 705-445-1130 or email Shane or Mike 

Basic Bike Service $49.99

The basics to keep you rolling safely & recommended if your bike is
functioning well and only needs minor adjustments.
  • Frame and wheels wiped down
  • Brakes and shifting adjusted
  • Chain lube
  • Tires inflated
  • Torque/tighten components
Parts installation and labour is extra
Standard Bike Service $69.99
This is the minimum recommended service for Road and Mountain
bikes with disc brakes or full suspension.
Everything from the Basic Bike Service, PLUS
  • Full bike cleaning
  • Drive-train degrease (on bike)
  • Clean/grease/adjust headset, bottom bracket, hubs
  • Minor wheel truing, and minor brake rotor truing
  • Derailleur hanger straightening
Parts installation & Labour charges are INCLUDED!
Performance Bike Service $89.99
Minimum recommended service for high end Road and Mountain bikes, or if
something is making a "creaking" noise.
Everything from the Standard Bike Service, PLUS
  • Full drive-train removal, and cleaning in parts washer
  • Basic suspension pivot/linkage service (clean, grease, torque pivots + linkages)
  • -Di2 Firmware updates
Full Overhaul $249.99
Not been serviced in a while? This is the tune that brings your rig back to life!
Everything from the Performance Bike Service, PLUS:
  • Every part removed from bike, cleaned, greased/lubed, adjusted, re-installed & torqued to spec's
  • Fork and shock Service
  • (labour only/ seals & oil extra)
  • New cables + housing installed
  • Brakes bled, front and rear
A La Carte
  • brake bleed: $20.00 each
  • wheel truing: $10.00 and up
  • cables: $2.99 ea
  • housing: $2.99/foot
  • drivetrain cleaning: $20.00
  • Di2 Firmware update: $29.99
  • tube replacement: $10.00 (+ tube)
Shop Labour Rates $60.00/hour